Threads from the Tapestry of Mommahood: Weekend Reflections

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Weekends are different now that we have two little ones. Somehow, even when we have nothing officially planned we are SUPER busy. Things that have happened: 1. Silas said his first few complete sentences, "What is this?" "I want this." "Ma more of this." Not sure a stranger would understand him clearly, but to our parental ears it makes perfect sense. 2. Silas followed me around most of Sunday evening saying "Momma this!" I spent most of the time trying to figure out what "this" was. 3. Eliana spent 15 minutes talking, cooing, laughing and smiling at her new best friend, a stuffed bee. 4. Eliana rolled over to her tummy from her back. We have only seen it once, so far. 5. We took the kids out in our brand new "limousine" stroller. It is a tandem double stroller and man is it HUGE! (attached is a pic) 6. Silas, for the first time in about a year, was carried in the Moby Wrap on me! I never thought of putting him in this big, but it freed my hands up to make dinner Saturday night. He loved the new perspective and enjoyed learning all about how to make spaghetti! Even with all the chaos of the weekend, Phil managed to fix our dishwasher (which was broken) and put together our stroller, I was able to plant some beautiful flowers, and we got away for one evening on a date (thanks to the generous Bouhasins!)


  1. Love the limo! I like that they face each other. I bet the kiddo's like that. Being a double mama sounds pretty busy!

  2. Really like the limo!! Miss all of you!