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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflections of our time at DTS

Tonight is Phil's last night of classes EVER at seminary!! This is such an exciting time for our family, as we celebrate Phil's dedication to his studies and the way the Lord has blessed our family the last five years while at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Here is a recap of how the Lord has grown our family while at Seminary:

Oct. 2005- We met briefly at a party and didn't see each other again until Jan 2006
Feb. 19, 2006- Our first date
June 10, 2006- Got engaged
Jan. 6, 2007- Married
Feb. 2009- Pregnant with Silas
May 2009- I graduated with my Biblical counseling degree from DTS
Nov. 1, 2009- Silas Tate Bohaker is born
May 2010- Pregnant with Eliana
Feb. 19, 2011- Eliana Catherine Bohaker is born

So many other life events have happened during these years. We have dealt with health issues, deaths (of 3 grandparents), a miscarriage (before Silas), struggling to get pregnant, financial difficulties and so much more. These years have stretched me beyond what I could bear at times. They have humbled me until I had to turn EVERYTHING over to God. You know... when you have to lay all the burdens down...turn over all control... and take a good hard look at who you are?

I can't say that these years have met my expectations. There have been times I wondered,"How in the world did I get to this place, and how can I get out?! " Contrastingly, there have been moments that have filled my heart more complete with love and joy than I ever dreamed imaginable! I know now that these precious moments would not have been possible apart from the terribly difficult and painful ones.

I have had the privilege to see my Hubba grow and change while in school. My Hubba, of course, has grown in his Biblical knowledge, theological positions and in his language skills. All of these will help in future ministries, but truly he has learned more important things than this while here.

He has become a sensitive, honest and vulnerable man. One who is now capable of loving our children playfully and freely. He has come to see his shortcomings and be accountable for them. He has learned what true intimacy is and his relationships have benefited from this greatly. The Lord has given him a heart for the poor, oppressed and forgotten. He has seen that most theological issues are not black and white. He has learned to lean on others. He has become a strong support for me and a spiritual leader in our home. He has made his family his priority and sacrificed to maintain this. He has become an expert diaper changer. He has learned that perfectionism is a waste of precious time. He has learned to deal openly with his emotions. He has learned "not to compare people's outsides with his insides." He has learned the necessity of community. He is doing the hard work of addressing his past and he is turning to the Lord for healing.

Phil has changed so much since I met him... and I couldn't be prouder of him...well maybe one person could be prouder of him... my Silas. See, to Si, Phil is THE MAN. Like the one and only man. He looks to Phil to know what it means to be a man. What a huge responsibility that is! He wakes up every morning looking for Daddy. He asks for daddy when Phil isn't around. When Phil returns home... Silas runs to the door to see his beloved papa. This afternoon, Silas saw a picture of Phil pointed to him and said, "This!" I said, "daddy?" Silas replied, "daddy...I want this!" and pointed to the pic again. My heart melted.. this kid truly loves his daddy and is VERY proud of him!

**Silas wearing Phil's boxers, shirt (as a cape) and socks! This was the outfit he wanted to wear on Tuesday.

Silas is looking to be like Phil. Well Phil is not perfect; he is a work in progress. But, he is real and authentic and for that I hope Silas does follow in his footsteps. I love you babe! Congrats!!

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