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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Consider it pure JOY...

Finding joy in the pleasures of life comes naturally, but finding joy in the difficulties and the mundanes of life takes effort. With Easter approaching quickly, I have been concentrating my prayers and studies on joy. What greater season to be joyful about? For when I turn my eyes upon Jesus and what He has done for me, the world's troubles truly fade away.

So I set out this week to seek the joy in the everyday life of being a momma and wife. What I found was beautiful. I found a little energetic boy longing for his momma's attention. What joy it was to set time apart, not just read to him, but make the story come to life. It was bliss to put him in the moby wrap and teach him about cooking and putting away the dishes. He loved the new perspective and soaked up my words. He even learned new words from this activity! He now asks to be in the carrier by saying, "wrap." It was wonderful to see the amusement on Silas' face when I taught him a new song and danced around like a carefree child.

The treasure of Eliana's laughter, as I held her sleeping, was enough to melt this momma's heart. Her coos and smiles bring delight to my day. What a privilege it is to watch her change and learn each day.

And my favorite moment of all... was captured in this photograph:


No greater joy have I found, as a momma, than seeing my two littles grow to love one another. Looking for the blessings and creating fun memories keep my days full of joy. Thank you, Lord.

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